Thursday, July 01, 2004

Here we go...

Tickets, check! We swung by the airport last night and bought our plane tickets to Bermuda! I'm kind of freaking out. DBF and I have gone to College Station and Louisiana together and on one camping trip but that's it as far as trips. Our longest stay so far has been a 3 day weekend. I'm not really worried about us getting along (or not getting along), so much as just seeing this as a step in the relationship. It's going to be so much fun! This is my first international flight (I've only driven into Mexico a little) and the first time I've been off the continent (aside from being in a glass bottom boat in the keys but I never got on land that wasn't US soil. Very exciting!

I'm a bit nervous because I dress so casually and that's unacceptable there. So we can't go from the beach to the stores or restaurants like we do around here; we'll have to go back to our room to change clothes. But I'm sure it will be worth it.

Knitty Gritty DIY Network is airing a new episode of Knitty Gritty today if anyone is interested. It comes on at 9a (I think) and 2p here in central standard time.

As far as my knitting, I took a break from it yesterday but hope to get somewhere on DBF's blanket today. I'm only 6 rows into it (so I'm still on the border) but I'm about 1/3 of the way through Dug's hat!

Exercise? Do I have to? Just kidding, I've been digging our rainy crazy wonderful unsummerlike weather lately and couldn't stand being in the house anymore. I went for a walk on Wed that turned into nearly an hour just strolling around the neighborhood. I'll probably do the same again today or tomorrow. And will probably hash this weekend, maybe get a bike ride in also. Who knows?? DBF and I haven't planned anything this weekend except that we can't go out of town (or SCUBA diving) because he's oncall. Bleh!

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Well it is Texas hold 'em for a reason, you know... Last night I was supposed to nap, run, get groceries, clean my running shoes and socks, do some laundry, and knit. So, what did I do?
I started my nap but just as I was falling asleep DBF called and told me he was going to a poker tournament. I had to be there in an hour if I wanted to play. It was rush hour and raining. I made it.
I lost, but feel that I played almost perfectly. There is only one hand that I would have changed how I played even in the slightest, and honestly if I played that hand again a hundred times over I would probably play it the same about 75 of those 100 times. If I had played it differently I might have been in the game a few more hands but would have been upset with myself about how I played it later. So, what did I learn?
You can play perfectly and still lose; that's why it's gambling. What's the good news? I learned that without paying a cent. :) (And I was cheap leader for a good part of the game!) I was also playing against people who are very experienced (DBF and I were definitely in the 3 least experienced at this 8 person table, in fact 4 of the people at the table had won or placed in tournaments and also attended poker tournaments that are for real money on a weekly basis, so they really were good players. And some of those players praised my playing style. Woohoo!)

Vacation Yippee! It's closing in, we are setting dates, and picking flights! We'll either leave next week (OMG!) or the last week in July! Either way, yeehaw!!! I'm learning alot about Bermuda but there isn't nearly enough pirate info. Grr! I love pirate-lore!

Friday, June 25, 2004


Last night I saw Harry Potter again. I went to Alamo with my mom and I bought our tickets (buy one get one free) and she bought our meals! Woohoo. I made out like a bandit!
I looked hard for a Ravenclaw scarf in the movie and may have seen a glimpse of one but it was only for a split second and I can't be sure that's what I really saw. Oh well, I like those colors the best so that's what I'm making. (Although honestly I also really like the way the Slytherin scarf looks.)

Takin' care of business This weekend I'm going to try and convince DBF that we need to get crafty and get stuff done. Here's what I want to do:
finish painting his bathroom
make his shower curtain
do a few of my shirt reconstructions
finish Kyoko's scarf

and of course on Sunday, we hash. (exercise, right??)

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Vacations and bloodletting...

Fun stuff first: Today I have been looking into vacation possibilites. DBF and I are trying to have a good long fun diving vacation in beautiful blue waters (and I'm trying to earn my first passport stamp). Then if we have enough vacation time (and money) left over we'll meet my brother, SIL, and our friends in Vegas for a weekend or so. Hooray!

So. I've been looking today for good deals on neat places to go and I found an awesome place called Saba. It's an island in the Netherland Antilles (around puerto rico). What a freakin' cool place, with good diving, and awesome lodging! Of course it's costing an arm and a leg but looks like possibly one of the least expensive options. We are also looking at cruises.

Let the blood fall freely! Yes, so I gave blood for the first time ever, and Monday the great mystery of my blood type will be resolved (I've had doctors tell me different blood types). So... let the anticipation begin (b/c I'm sure ya'll care).
I was nervous about giving blood but it was no problem. Everyone should go donate like DBF and I. :D

Knitting report: I'm 23 out of 32 in through with Kyoko's scarf. If I'm going to have it finished by Monday I'd better get cracking. That means I'd need to do the lions share of that tonight, say get to 28 or so. 5 inches, that's about 55 rows. Well, I don't have anything better to do tonight... though I'd much rather work on DBF's blanket.

Oh yeah, DBF and I hit the goodwill near his house earlier this week and as we were browsing (I forget what he was looking for, kitchen stuff of some sort) I found a pack of (read 5 skeins) 100% alpaca yarn. It's a pretty light grey color. I hope it knits well, seems to be fingering weight so I don't know what I'll use it for but I'm certainly doing well at building my stash. Oh and for those of you wondering: total price for 5 skeins of about 110 yards $4.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Right, so...


Knitting: I have recaston (read: I have started over) on DBF's BBBB (#1). I'm using two threads after all. It looks gorgeous so far. Of course I've only done 2 rows, but... it's coming along.
Kyoko's scarf is closing in on 3/4 of the way finished, but not quite. About 22 inches long right now.
I've decided I must do something for myself so I am making a POA (Prisoner of Azkaban)(yes, that's Harry Potter) scarf. I am even joining the knitalong. I'm going to do Ravenclaw but haven't decided if I'll do the movie colors (blue and silver) or the book colors (blue and bronze). I'm ordering my yarn tomorrow. It's going to take me forever to make this scarf, not just because of how hugely long it is but because this will be my backup project. I must get my Xmas stuff done too.

Yesterday I also managed to wind 4 balls of yarn. (That's 5 this week.) Only 22 more to go! (Not counting the yarn I order tomorrow.)

My ex...: Do you ever just think "What the hell was I thinking??" He had his wallet stolen yesterday (karma) and he was just chatting with me about how he wouldn't feel guilty at all stealing some stranger's wallet. Ugh! I'm disgusted.

Tea swap: Yum! I've tasted the guava leaves tea, a peach tea, a vanilla almond tea, and now ginger oolong tea. Yum!!

Running: I've said it before and I'll say it again: I need to get in gear. I think I'll run tonight (maybe). But whether I do or not, I will do some exercise. I've been pretty good about at least being active whether or not I run.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004 another cheap yarn store!!

Yea discount yarns! TLC Cotton Plus Yarn

Monday, June 21, 2004


I'm starting a big bad baby (or in my case, boyfriend) blanket-along. Anyone knitting or wanting to start knitting the BBBB from SNB can join up and keep up to date with other people knitting the same thing. Wonderful!

If you are interested please leave me a comment here and I'll add you to the list!

I'll plan on taking more people all the way through the end of the year (so if you are making any for Christmas this is perfect).

When you have update your journal/blog with progress, let me know and I'll post an update for everyone to check out what you've done! Pictures are great, but this is open to everyone. Don't have a blog? Just send me an email detailing your progress and I'll put it in with the updates or leave your update in the comments portion of one of the other entries!

Oh yeah!

I cast on for DBF's BBB(oyfriend, not baby)B. I've done 3 rows on it and hope to do a little more.
It's not looking bad so far at all, no mistakes yet (*whew*), but I am still a little worried because the weight of the yarn is DK (sport) and I am only using 1 strand. It may not turn out as cush as I want it to be. I'm still considering ripping it all out and doubling up the yarn like it says. It will take twice as much yarn (which is fine since I bought enough) but it will be harder...
He's worth the harder work but I don't want it to take so much longer that I don't get it done in time or have lots of mistakes or something. Maybe I'll save what I have so far and cast on the right needle size with 2 strands and do a few rows and see which is better and make my decision off that. Good idea, that will be my project for tonight.

Weekends are nice.

Friday: I called in sick to work because I was feeling so tired and crappy. Not sick just achy and like I was starting to get a cold or something. I tried to sleep and couldn't so ended up going to the mechanic and getting my car fixed. Then taking a nap for about an hour. I felt better in the afternoon and DBF and I went to see Chronicles of Riddick that night. It was... okay. I liked watching Vin Diesel and the girl in it was pretty hot too. The best part was seeing the preview for King Arthur. Keira Knightly is Guineviere which means it's going to rock.

Saturday: DBF wasn't feeling great either so we slept in, ate yummy pancakes and omelet breakfast, watch the new Harry Potter movie (yes, we go to the movies a lot), had an amazing "nap", did a lot of cell phone shopping, both got low blood sugar and a little bitchy, ate delicious chinese food, went home and fell asleep. The new Harry Potter was wonderful. I love the new director and the kids are starting to look less goofy (except for Malfoy who got uglier and wussier).

Sunday: Went to Schlitterbahn (waterpark) with DBF and mom. Still felt a bit off. Had fun aside from getting dizzy or tired/low blood sugar a couple times. The lines were so long and that was a bit annoying as DBF really doesn't like long lines and neither of us really were in shape to wait for them. But I did go on boogiebahn (like boogie boarding a continous wave) for the first time in years. DBF did very good, I stayed on for a few seconds which was cool but it's so hard! I'm suprised mom can put up with us at all because DBF and I are always kissing (usually just lots of little pecks and cuddling and such, but occasionally more when we think no one is looking); we're like a bus full of PDA that blew up. :D
After Schlitterbahn, we ate some delicious mexican food (leftovers for breakfast, woohoo!) and realized I was really burned.

Anyway, my boyfriend is the greatest. *swoon*