Thursday, May 27, 2004

45 minutes later

So I've only run once this week (and it doesn't count since I didn't run the full time) (out of 4 proposed runs). I still have until Sunday for them to count, which means I could run today, tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday and count it. Not likely. Not even a good idea! I don't want to wear myself down like that nor do I want to miss out on so much at Flipside (although I do plan on taking a run or two, packed running clothes and everything). So it looks like I'll be repeating this week again next week. Are my knees ever going to heal??
I would love to have the chance to start biking again. I would even settle for biking to and from work a couple times a week this fall instead of wild, fun, scary-as-hell mountain biking trails.
The good news is summer is on it's way and that means swimming!!! I can't wait: Barton Springs, the Guadalupe, the lake, maybe a few pools, and, hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, the Caribbean!! Whoofreakinhoo!

That of course would be after my SCUBA lessons, which I have yet to sign up for. Hopefully I can find sit down and call some people about lessons the Tuesday after Flipside. Maybe get started that next week, ASAP after my birthday.

Update: At this time tomorrow DBF and I should be being quizzed by the greeters and/or setting up our campsite!

School is cool (cont) I talked to the lady in charge of the info sesh tonight and concluded that I didn't need to go. I got the info I need from her (or she told me where to find it), so hooray! that means in 4 1/2 hours I am completely, completely free until Tuesday!!


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