Thursday, May 27, 2004


Update: 17 hours and counting So here I sit waiting for my DBF to get off work so we can get together and make jello shots for Flipside, pack up his SUV, and then ? I don't know what. I have no idea what I'll be doing at this time tomorrow, but I bet it will be great fun!

Major Failure reporting for duty! So I've got all the info I need to get started on Fini Aid and admissions for St Ed's. Will I get in? If so, will I be able to afford it for the Fall? I certainly believe I can get in, although there is a slight chance of being refused.
I think this FAFSA "under 24 y/o isn't considered independent" bullshit is, well, bullshit! I've owned my own fucking house, thank you very much. I've paid for my schooling up to this point while working fulltime to do so, thank you very much. I've been through alot and have been financially independent of my parents especially my father for years now! How can they be expected to pay part of it?? They won't. So, I'm exploring other options. Bleh.
I'm trying to get accepted into St Ed's Accounting Technology Information degree program (basically you get a BBA in Accounting and a BA (or BS or whatever) in Computer Information Systems at the same time. I'm minoring in art. I like art best, but the other pays bills better and affords me the kind of life I want. Why I'm getting the CIS degree I don't know. I hate computers except for playing on them. But maybe as I learn more about them, I'll understand them better, and it will certainly give me an edge in finding a good job, I hope.


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