Thursday, May 27, 2004

At this time tomorrow: updates all day!

At this time tomorrow I'll be just waking up!

Flipside: 1 day and counting! I'm so excited! I finished packing yesterday and now just have to get it all down to DBF's place tonight. I also finished the second flag, so now I have a set of 2 flags. I'm so happy! DBF wasn't even amazed that I was both packed and finished with the flag (and eating dinner) when he got there. Pffft! Maybe if I'd snuck in a run also he would have felt I'd been productive enough. (Although he certainly didn't think I hadn't been productive enough, I just thought he should be impressed that I had it all done.) Anyway, before he got there, I played around with my flags. I actually figured out that if I just dance around with them and not worry so much about "moves" they work fine. I'd still like to find a little help with them at Flipside, but I'm sure that won't be a problem at all and now I at least have the confidence to play with them anyway.

Whodunit? I'm really enjoying this new game: Inspector Parker (or something like that) on MSN. I'm not great at it (ok, I'm not great at any game) but I really am enjoying it. Plus it's played in levels that you can stop between AND you can pause it, which means it works great at work!


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