Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Impatients are my favorite flowers...

Mark my words: Run. (cont.) Did I say I would run four times last week? Yes. Did I run four times last week? Yes (if you count the hash, which I am because I ran the requisite 8 min). That means that this week I'm moving on to 1:30 min runs and 2 min walks. Yeah! Movin' on up! (Ok, you caught me. I'm not that excited about 1:30 min runs. Last year at this time I was easily running over an hour. Of course I was trucking along at a 14-15 min/mi pace and now my runs are 10 min/mi or less on average. It's still discouraging!)

Gifts, gifts everywhere! Unfortunately none of them are for me. Mom's day gifts changed from a knitted scarf (which had been changed from a beach bag) to a picture frame, 2 candles, and a porcelain box. She loved them! I shouldn't put so much work into it next time. (Of course next time is only 3 months away because her birthday is in August.) I'm hoping to work on a shawl for her. It should knit up easily enough and quickly enough. Good.
The scarf I am making is now going to probably become a Xmas gift for either my sister in law or her mother. I think it would look beautiful on her mother, so I'll probably give it to her.
In other "gift" news, I had to drop out of my random craft swap in order to have time and money to do all this other stuff I have going on. I feel bad but am hoping that they can just edge me out (whoever should have sent to me, can send to the person I was sending to) because I'd feel really crappy getting a gift without giving one!

FIRE! FIRE! Oh, cool! As I discuss what to bring to Flipside with DBF (I love their tagline, "Where TX comes to burn!), I'm beginning to hope we will be very near our car (or at least drop all of it off and pick it up). We are bringing a lot of shit! Tent, sleeping bags, all the normal stuff, PLUS all his burn stuff, my flags and poi, my run stuff, 2 EZ-ups, 3 coolers, etc, etc, etc. But no matter, it's going to rock! I'm just much more accustomed to primative camping than car camping. I'm very excited. Do you hear me?? I'm very excited!!
I made my first flag yesterday. (Yes only one so far.) I finished it at 3am! It didn't really take long to make I just couldn't sleep, so I went ahead and made it. I bought the fabric (ripstop nylon) and weighted tape (and monofiliment) at Hancock Fabrics. I got it all [enough for 8 small flags or 6 flags {4 small, 2 huge)] for $20. Hell yeah! I got bright friggin' yellow and blue. I made a small blue flag (about 21 x 30??) yesterday and plan to make a small yellow one today. I also want to try making 2 that are blue AND yellow. If I have time tonight, I'll try those.


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