Wednesday, May 19, 2004

My blog: to do and tada!

Tomorrow is "ride your bike to work" day. Am I going to ride my bike to work tomorrow? Pros v. cons.
Pros: I could use the exercise, it would be nice to "participate", my bike needs to be ridden more, my car needs to be driven less, and I'd save a few miles worth of gas. It might convince me I could do this once a week!
Cons: I'd have to get up a little earlier so I could get to work early enough to clean up, I'd have to ride home in mid day heat (90s), my knees might not be ready for a 5-6 mi trek (seeing as I am still recovering from runner's knee).
What is a girl to do?

To run or to be a lazy bastard? I can't believe what a lazy arse I've been lately. DBF (dear boyfriend) managed to get a walk out of me yesterday but I must run today. Honestly I need to run four times between now and Sunday to move on in my recovery training schedule. Will I manage that? Doubtful. It's only 30 min a day, surely I can manage that. It's not like it's hard on me either. Alright I'm just going to do it. Grr. Mark my words, I'm going to do it!

Swap me? I'm also sorely behind in my crafting... I need to finish my mom's day gift (which turned from a beach bag to a scarf due to funds and time constraints). And I have to finish, ok start, my crafts for the swap I'm in on I've got to make 2 wraps (pareos), a drawstring sunglasses holder (out of the same material as one of the pareos), a towel with cute little patches on it (this should take 2 seconds, just need to iron on the patches), a beach bag (made out of a pillowcase) and a covered notepad. *sigh* Will I ever finish? Hopefully. It has to be sent out by the 5th of June! And all this with Flipside coming up soon! (Which is a whole 'nother problem because I really wanted to make some crazy fun clothes or something for it. I guess if I can get one more wrap (pareo) made for me that I can wear my pareos all weekend, one for each day!)
And I haven't gotten my stuff from the ExLibris swap! Soon, anyday it should come!


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