Monday, May 24, 2004

This weekend in one word: Adventurous

Saturday: the adventure begins.

First stop: Windsurfing. The Austin Windsurf Club has a yearly "Learn to windsurf" day. DBF and I signed up and went. (He'd done this once before about 10 years ago, I was a windsurfing virgin.) We started with a 45 min-1hr lesson and simulator, and then (yikes!) were on our own. We did have some very nice helpers running about in kayaks giving advice and help when needed. The first time I stepped up on the board I actually got in a little bit of a ride before falling off. But the quick summary for the windsurfing: I had 3 rides across the cove and ended up kayaking back each time. I probably got up on the board a gazillion (or at least 45) times to manage those 3 runs but it was worth it! I have huge bruises all down my shins from getting up on the boards over and over. (I also really enjoyed the kayaking!)

Break for picnic with DBF

Second stop: SCUBA Diving. After a quick review of earlier lessons to make sure I knew my stuff, DBF took me out to the water to try this scuba stuff. (He used to be an instructor and I've recently decided I want lessons so that we can have another fun thing to do together. He wanted to be sure I knew what I was getting into before money was involved. So he took me out; what a sweetheart!) It was scary (b/c the bottom of the lake is murky and foreign to me) but it was also exciting and a lot of fun. My favorite part is when this adorable little perch kept trying to nibble DBF's ears! It was so cute (although it annoyed the hell out of DBF.)
Anyway I had a great time and can't wait to take the classes! I know I'll be scared of all the cutie little fishes, but I think I'll also be in awe of the wonderful things to see. Hopefully it will even out!

Finally: Curry Cookoff! Yes, this was an adventure. There was African curry, Thai curry, Indian curry, even Texas curry! Cheese curry (paneer), wheat germ (satan) curry, and tofu curry. There was pork curry, chicken curry, lamb curry, and beef curry. And NAAN, yes there was naan. And that made all the difference. Social Retard's entry number one was a chicken (lemony) curry. Very nice. Chlamydia's entry #2 was cashew chicken yellow curry. Yum! I love those cashews. So far not too spicy, I'm doing well. #3 is Father Syph's entry: I have no idea what it was... we'll call it the Pot of 1000 Deaths. I took a bite (and mind you I'm only tasting these curries, not taking much, just one or two bites) of Father's curry and couldn't taste anything. In fact, my lips were on fire and that was the only thing I was concerned with at the time. What? I have food in my mouth? Really? I hadn't noticed because I'm too busy looking for a fire extinguisher! I skipped the Body's (#4) entry because it was hot and sour PORK (ew). Entry 5 was Fluffer's. It was New Mexican Green Chile Tofu Curry. I took a bite and thought "Wow, how incredibly flavorfu... ow! ow! It hurts, it hurts!!" Again, I searched for the ever elusive fire extinguisher. (The naan, tea, and water were sorry excuses!) Entry 5 (Crotch Rot)'s wheat germ infused curry was interesting but wasn't best directly after Fluffer's spicy curry. In other words, I have no idea what this tasted like, just that the wheat germ stuff was kind of a funny texture. Next up was entry numero 6: Keeper of the Beams Texan Chili curry. All I can say is: oh yum! This was so good. Onions and beef and chili-esque flavor all in a delicious curry. Totally great! Entry 7: She Mussel Bitch's chicken curry with a side of cheese curry. Wow. The cheese was awesome! Great job. The chicken was good but I think I was still thinking about that chili! DBF dug the SMB's chicken curry a lot! Entry 8: Unzip Me's african coconut milk and corn curry. Wow! This should have been in between some of those hot ones! Great to cut the oils wonderfully and was a very unique flavor. (He also served up some candied coconut bananas. Entry 9, the final entry: Squeef's lamb and spinach curry. It was acceptable but quite uninteresting and I couldn't find any lamb whatsoever. It did have a kick at the end which was mean to me but not so to many others.
It was a great cookoff and I think I might help DBF out with some cooking for next year's. (Obviously we didn't have time for this year's.) Congratulations to all the winners!

Sunday: much less adventure, much more sleep.
Sunday was a slower day. Dim Sum, farmer's market, fabric store, shaved ice shack, friend's house (to watch an award winning short that he and his brotehr wrote, directed, etc), and then the hash. What a life!


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