Wednesday, May 26, 2004

What's a girl to do?

A change in the wind: Today I changed my blog (yes, this here blog) from to I'm not sure why really. I still have the blog active, just in case I don't like this format. I think I like the idea of message boards and actually having some sort of interaction. Yes, that's it.

Yawn! I think I'll take a nap: Yesterday after work all I needed to do was run (30 min), make the yellow flag (maybe 1-2 hours), and eat dinner. So, what did I actually do? Well. I got out the MREs and picked flavors for Flipside. Then I took a nap from 5p to 8p. Then DBF called and told me about his holy crap day and asked me if I'd done the few things I was going to do. No, I hadn't. Now I felt bad. I'm so slack.
I managed to get up and decided that I would eat and make the flag, if nothing else. As I started to make my food, I had the realization that if I didn't go run I was going to have to tell DBF that when he asked and I would feel like I had disappointed him. Why would that disappoint him? I don't know. I just get that feeling.
So, I went for a run. I only did 15 minutes but at least I got my sleepy butt outside and moving. When I got home, mom (yes I live with my mom, SYFPH!) had just gotten home and we ended up talking through my dinner and watching Russ's movie, The Next. By the time I got showered and did the dishes it was after 10p. I tried to go to sleep but my ultralong nap earlier and the fact that I still hadn't packed (at all) and that I hadn't done the flag were annoying me, so I started gathering all the stuff from my list. Now I'm essentially packed (well, piled anyway) except for the stuff from the garage and the stuff I need to buy. Flipside here I come, right? I still haven't made the second flag.

A little yarn shopping goes a long way! So I need to find a yarn for mom's shawl. I'm thinking something rich and soft and rust colored, maybe this. What a great price too! I know I'll be checking them out in the future whether I use that yarn for this project or not.

The StitchNBitch North is meeting today. They previously had been meeting on Thursdays which meant I couldn't go this week (yeah, I haven't been to one at all, ever) because I have orientation at school. But, I could go today, except I haven't seen DBF since Monday morning and I miss him (everyone together now: awww!). So I'll probably go spend the evening with him instead of StitchingNBitching but if he and I can't get our shit together, then I'll go knit. That seems fair.

Have I mentioned I'm excited about Flipside? I'm excited in a nervous, fun, adventurous, can't wait kind of way. I think it's going to be absolutely amazing and I think I'm going to be dead tired afterward because I want to do EVERYTHING. Plus between the voyeur and the exhibitionist in me, I'm gonna be plenty busy. ;) I wish we were going out there tomorrow, what lame asses that makes DBF and I. *sigh* I hope I can at least practice up on the flags or poi with the guidance of sweet DBF to help me on Thursday. I have no idea what to do with those flags, not nearly as easy as poi. (Which makes me suspiciously worried I made the flag wrong.) I played with the blue one yesterday and I just couldn't figure out many things to do with it that didn't tangle it up in itself. I guess it just takes practice, at least I can dance around and look pretty! I'm good at that!!


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