Tuesday, June 01, 2004

6 days to 23

Word of the Day badinage (bad-uhn-AHZH), noun: playful raillery; banter

I need to learn not to take offense to DBF's badinage, especially since I tease him also.

Flipside: a quick review:
Friday: partied with greeters, played in creek, partied all night, won lots at the casino, drank alot, had fun spinning, then made DBF babysit me as I puked up all the MREs I ate.
Saturday: slept all day to avoid heat and lose hangover, did a little spinning and juggling (very little), walked about enjoying the sites and sounds and meeting people, upset that I missed the nighties show off
Sunday: had a spinning lesson, watched Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat and watched oil wrestling (was that Saturday or Sunday...), watched the monkey burn, gave away a hundred jello shots and an equal number of sparklers, watched some awesome fire performing
Monday: took down camp, sizzled in the sun and the creek, got a sunburn, went home

All in all: It was the best Glitter Monkey Rodeo I've ever attended! I can't wait 'til next year!!

To knit, to run, to sit on my arse...:
Amazingly on Friday, I did get some knitting done. We sat around in the shade and DBF caught up on some reading while I knitted. Someone even said I was skilled (in that I knew how to knit and they did not). That felt good! I still have a fair amount to go on that scarf, I'm maybe 1/3 of the way through it now though. I also really need to get my butt in gear on the shawl for mom if I'm going to finish it before her birthday. I guess I should order the yarn today. There's a SnB on Thursday that I might go to. I keep saying I'm going to go one of these days but never do. Key phrase of the day: GET MY BUTT IN GEAR.

I didn't do any running at all this weekend. I'm glad I didn't really force myself to because it was just too hot during the day and there was too much other stuff to do at night! I'm not going to make myself run tonight just because I'm so tired and I think my body probably needs rest more than exercise at this point. But I will either run tonight or tomorrow (or both) for sure. I need to (say it with me now) get my butt in gear.


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