Thursday, June 03, 2004

Ahh... accomplishment.

Word of the Day:
puerile \PYOO-uhr-uhl; PYOOR-uhl\, adjective:
displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity; juvenile; childish; trifling

ex: Sometimes I find that an overuse of badinage can come of as being very puerile.

Amazingly, I actually got some shit done yesterday! Wonderful!


signed up for scuba classes. I start Monday! I'm very excited about it! I will have to buy boots sometime this week/end though.

made Hawaiian Sweet Bread. Yum! I had some for breakfast this morning with blackberry jam. Mmm.

took care of some mail stuff. I wrote a thank you not to my aunt (which I mailed this morning) for some pictures she sent me. I got my father's card ready for father's day, just need to get his address from my brother and send it.

worked a little on designing what my room would look like if it were properly aligned using feng shui.

put away my clean laundry.

cooked stuffed tilapia, cabbage and green beans, and tomato salad. Yum! And DBF actually ate some. I overcooked the fish a little bit but he didn't seem to mind too much. He was very suprised to find out that it was the first time I had ever cooked fish. I think he's still getting used to the idea that while his family definitely fits into the Harriet and Ozzy kind of normal, not everyone's family could fit into TVLand. We never ate fish at my house when I was little. My mom didn't like it so we never had it with her. And I didn't like the smell so I never ate it when we ate out with Dad (and we never cooked in with him, so... no big deal). None of their families ever serve fish either, now that I think about it. Anyway, it was very good and I'm going to have to start trying more new kinds of fish (this was my first time to ever eat tilapia).

even took a nap.

got the mail and changed my address for the magazines I get. It was weird I called them all and they all already had the addy change in effect. Who told them? I'm so confused. But I did call them to change it. I also caught up on reading back issues of some of them.

Yes. I did alot yesterday. And all that before DBF came over. Then we ate, drove around perfecting our hash route, and then watched a movie (Drunken Master) and went to bed. All in all, a productive day and comfortable evening. DBF and mom made me sit outside while they plotted something or other about my birthday. DBF has complete control of our schedule Friday through Sunday. I find this very exciting because I hope it means I don't have to make many decisions. Usually we sit there and neither of us really care and then one of us (I believe this to usually be me, but won't say so for sure until I know what he thinks) just says "Ok this is what we are doing." It's kind of annoying (for both of us), but it's how it will work until we make it happen some other way.

Exercise, schmexercise. The only thing I really didn't do that I should have yesterday was run. I really need to get my butt outside. It's just been so hot lately, even at night. I'm just going to have to do it anyway. I guess that's my goal today, run.

Just stichin' n' bitchin'. I also plan on going to the StitchNBitch tonight for the first time ever, unless I'm too tired. The run takes presidence over this by far but since really they are all I have to get done... well, I should be able to do them both.

Stay in School. What's with all this friggin' paperwork? I need to print off the application forms and fini aid stuff so I can start filling that crap out. It has to be turned in by July 1st. Otherwise I will most definitely be attending the community college in the Fall. (Actually that's sounding like a better and better idea, all around, if I would treat it like a real uni and go to class. I suppose I could.) Maybe I'll just do that and save the application fees and transcript fees until I know I can get the kind of fini aid I need. That's probably the best finiancial decision I could possibly make and I know DBF would be disappointed in me big time if I didn't go to class (or actually if I didn't do well in class b/c I was skipping or blowing it off or whatever, I don't think he'd care if I actually show up as long as I'm doing well). Right, so... decision made. Now I just have to wait for the schedule to come out and sign up!


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