Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Another day: torture

Word of the Day:
prestidigitation \pres-tih-dij-ih-TAY-shuhn\, noun:
Manual dexterity in the execution of tricks; sleight of hand; legerdemain.

Ex: If I am going to continue spinning poi, I need to improve my prestidigitation by leaps and bounds.

When do we DIVE?? So at SCUBA class we are supposed to have part classroom/part pool every night, but last night was too stormy to get in the water. We had to spend all four hours in the classroom (thankfully the instructor gave me a break to go swim some laps since I couldn't concentrate). But the great news is that we will be in the pool all night tonight!! Hooray!
By the way, I love dive tables. They are just a shitload of fun for my geeky analytical mind.

Dude, where's my car? Ok at the moment the car is in the parking lot at work. But in just few hours it's going to be at the parking lot of Discount Tires. Last night on my way home I took a turn to fast and hit the curb. I was able to keep going but was afraid I had bent my axle because I had to keep the steering wheel turned to the right to go straight down the road. However, when I saw this morning (I couldn't see last night, just looked around for damage and didn't see any), I realized that the tire was actually pulled a little off the rim. Eek! I had to drive it this morning to get to work which is close to the tire place (thankfully) so I'm going at lunch to get new tires. The good news is I needed new tires anyway and if getting a new tire fixes the problem that is a whole lot less expensive than a bent axle or something. The bad news is I'm not sure I have the money for new tires right now. I have $120 that I can use for tires. I hope to find some for $99 or less. "Give me your cheapest tires!"

Have I mentioned I love DBF? Because I do! I miss seeing him on the weekdays. I miss running with him: which goes something like this:
me: "DBF, don't forget I have to run today."
him: "Okay, no problem."
couple hours later
him: "Ready to go run?"
me: "awww. I don't want to."
him: "C'mon. Get up, let's go. You said you need to."
me: "Do I have to?"
him: "No but you should."
a few minutes pass
me: "Why aren't you ready? I thought we were going to run."
me: "Damn I love running!"
him: *shakes his head*
I miss sitting or laying in his arms or cuddling up to him while he tries to watch his tv. I miss the way he looks at me when I'm so into a poker game (on TV) that I'm telling them what they should or shouldn't do or actually trying to watch AND cuddle.
I miss holding his hand and following him around in the supermarket.
I miss watching him cooking and how careful he is with everything (and my body misses the good food we eat). I miss cooking with him, and having him around at my house.
I miss the silly looks he gives me whenever I slip it into a conversation that he should wear less clothes or no clothes at all.
I miss touching him and being touched by him. I especially miss the touches that noone thinks about: a brush as we pass by each other, a kiss before we get out of the car, taking my hand when we walk, massaging his shoulders when he's sitting, playing with his hair or his beard. And I, of course, miss his stoplight kisses. (sigh) I've been to so many stoplights and not had any kisses this week! It's a travesty I tell you, a travesty!

Knit knack paddy whack: I have gotten the first two stripes done on Yakimuri-san's scarf. That equals about 3 inches. I've started the next stripe (the first large one) but only the first row of it. It's looking great so far. The colors go well and the ribs are straight and pretty. The only weirdness is the on the sides, no matter how hard I pull those last stitches they seem kind of loopy and big, I'll probably go back and fix it at the end if I feel they look bad. I thougth about adding fringe but decided that it just wouldn't look good for him. I would add fringe to Kyoko's but it already has a ruffle.
I can hardly wait to start DBF's blanket. That's the one I'm most excited to start although I'm having a lot of fun on Yukimari's scarf. I want the yarn to get here soon, but really need to get farther on these two scarves before it gets here. Work, work, work. So everynight before I go to bed I'm just knitting up a few rows on one or both of them. (And sometimes in the afternoon between work and scuba, I knit a few rose also.)


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