Monday, June 14, 2004

Another weekend down, another week to go

Friday When we last left our harriette, I mean, heroine (that's me by the way, not our stash of drugs), I was pouting about not getting to go to poker night. Well turns out, scuba class went fast and I was out of there around 8:30p. In other words, I caught about half of poker night. I didn't have cash on me though (plus buy in was $2, why show them what I got for a total of $10? $5 a piece and I would have been in. Me? Gambling problem? Uh, no?) so I just played a couple rounds (borrowed enough for a big blind from DBF and then won and played with that). But since I lost on the very next hand, I ended up being dealer most of the night or just sitting there being eye candy for DBF. :)
Saturday Took scuba to the lake. Wow! It was awesome. My ears acted up a little but as long as I descended very slowly, I was fine. I'm a little worried that DBF is going to get annoyed with how slow I have to descend if we are somewhere neat. He's going to want to get to our deepest depth ASAP so he can see all there is to see for as long as possible. Hopefully he'll just take the slow descent as an easy going look around as we go down. I got to feed the catfish and perch vienna sausages and really had a good time.
Then I watch Celebrity Poker (a couple hours worth) while DBF made tomato sauce to be canned from the stuff he bought at the farmer's market that morning. Woohoo! Hooray for men who know their way around in a kitchen!
Sunday I opted not to hash this week. But DBF went since we will be missing next week's hash also (Schlitterbahn trip!!). I knew it would be a crap hash b/c the hares all wanted a really long really hard trail. DBF was going to call after it was over and come up to my place and play games with mom and I before we went to bed. But he called at almost 9p and said he just got home and his cell phone and pager were broken from spending so much time in the water and that they had been ON trail for over 3 hours. Man, can you say "I told you so", I can and I did. ;)
While he was sweating on the worst trail of the year, I managed to watch both of the Harry Potter movies (since I know that we'll go see the 3rd eventually and my mom owns the first two) and get about 3 hours of knitting done as well as all my laundry cleaned and put away and my room and bathroom straigtened up. Oh yeah, and I cooked dinner and did the dishes. A very productive afternoon/evening for me!
I am now officially halfway through Yukimari-san's scarf (unless I find out that it's too short and need to do more) and am about 40% finished with Kyoko's scarf. I'm really excited and am going to try to post pics if I have time tonight (and can find the camera).


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