Monday, June 07, 2004

Death to Petey!

Word of the Day:
garrulous \GAR-uh-luss; GAR-yuh-luss\, adjective:
Talking much, especially about commonplace or trivial things; talkative; loquacious.

Ex: This weekend I wasn't nearly as garrulous as I am normally because I was in such a state of constant suprise and wonderment.

Birthday suprises! On Friday night, DBF came over and we bought my booties for SCUBA. Then we bought all the groceries for the hash and made the taco filling. Then we went to sleep around 10ish so that we'd be well rested. He told me we had to get up and out of the house by 8:45a because we were to be in San Antonio for an early lunch at Tower of the Americas!! So we also had to dress nice. And then he had a whole day of stuff planned and wouldn't tell me more... so I had to bring something comfy to change into since it would be hot and wearing my nice clothes all day wouldn't be very comfortable.
So Saturday morning we get up and get dressed. I'm wearing a beautiful dress I've never worn before (and he loved it, couldn't stop telling me how gorgeous I looked in it) and my mom helped me put up my hair a pretty twist and even helped me taylor my dress so it fit perfectly. By now we are running late b/c obviously we hadn't planned on needing time for sewing etc. But I look gorgeous (makeup, dress, hair up, the works). Then he realizes he didn't bring his dress shoes, so we'll stop by his place. It's sort of on the way anyway. So we grab breakfast and stop by his place and he's taking SO long to get ready. No rush at all even though we are going to be late. Arg! But he's being sweet and lovely so I just try to relax and let him be in control.
Well we are upstairs (he was making me help him pick out a new shirt and frusterating to no end by saying "not that one" "are you sure" etc etc. Just put it on buddy! But then the door bell rings. It was my mom. I was really confused but she said that Dave had forgot to tell me that I needed some stuff for that afternoon so she had brought it by for me. I looked in the bag and my bathing suit was there so I thought, oh were going swimming in San Antone later. Hmm. Nothing more. I didn't put it together until I looked up at mom and she and Dave were obviously waiting for me to figure it out. Then I noticed she had on her swimsuit under her clothes. Hey! Wait a sec... are we going to.. .to Schlitterbahn??? Wooooohooooo! *did a dance*
Anyway it was so fun!!
So when we got there, we all got season passes (mine was a gift). Awesome! DBF hadn't ever been before and still got one because he knew I loved it so much and didn't want me to have to give it up for him! What an amazing man!

Then when we got home, we ended up driving all the way back up to mom's house at 10pm because she had gifts for me. I got (aside from the Schlitterbahn pass) a TX parks pass (free entry into all texas state parks!!!!), Stitch N Bitch (knitting book), Denise needles (lots of knitting needles), a Nike bag (very cool), some old old old crocheting patterns from my grandma's stash, an undershirt of my grandad's (he's been dead for years, I miss him, and I'm so glad I have his shirt now!), some old old old sewing stuff from my grandma's stash, and some quilted pieces that match the quilt top she made for me when I was younger (that I still use on my bed). Awesome! And a really cool shirt and pants outfit that I have yet to try on to see if it fits. Man, I hit the jackpot this year!

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to hash we go. Sunday morning we woke up, had a lazy breakfast, and took off with a bag of flour and a dream (or a map... I forget which). We drove to the start and start walking, me chalk in hand and 15 lbs of flour on my back, he with 5 lbs of flour in a sack. We drew our way to the first check and laid two enormous falses before cleverly taking an unlikely route through mud beside a gorgeous trickling creek. Then we went back and walked around to the soccer fields (instead of climbing the barbwired fence like the unfortunate hounds had to, muahahahahahaha!). We then took a nice easy, obvious street route almost to the beer check. We did one check that at a four way stop that also had a trail head for a greenbelt at it and then laid a false down part of the greenbelt. Most of them fell for it but fairly quickly made it over to our check (where we sat watching all the confusion and having a SCUBA lesson). Soon I was sent off to buy more beer because the keg wasn't coming and more hounds had showed up after we left. DBF cleverly turned the wrong way (in his car) and drove the long way to the end (my mom's house) so that all the hounds (having watched that he turned right) followed suit and turned right down a very long false (which gave us time to get everything ready at home). DBF pulled into the driveway right behind me but I didn't have more beer (evidently you have to have an ID with you or something...) so we sent some autowankers off to get the beer and they came just as the first hounds were coming in the back gate. (Which had taken an obsene amount of time as they had all gotten tricked by a particularly amazing check/false I had laid!!)
Anyhoo, a all sitting circle commenced after some much needed refueling and the knavish accusations flew in our pack of 20 or so. Lots of fun! So tired last night. DBF stayed to sleep. And we are both still tired this morning. Of course, for once, he's got a chance to get to bed before me since I have SCUBA tonight.

New Depths: Tonight is my first SCUBA lesson, well my first official lesson. I'm very excited but I'm also very tired. I hope I can keep up when I'm this tired! I have all the gear and DBF even left me the book (because he wanted to go over it last night, but I was too tired). I hope we get in the pool tonight, but I bet that we don't. Either way I'm just excited to get started!


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