Tuesday, June 15, 2004

It's about damn time!

StitchNBitch: It's tonight and I'm going. I am. I'm going to run or walk first, pick up my stuff from the dive school, knit n bitch, and then see DBF (maybe go on a walk too).
I'm pretty excited about going but a little nervous because what I'm working on is with crap yarn and is so simplistic. I'll probably just bring Yukimari's ribbed scarf to work on b/c I really want to finish it this week. I figure two hours of work will get me 75-85% done. Then one more day of work on it and I'll be done. I want to finish that scarf before I start DBF's blanket. Then when I finish Kyoko's scarf I'll start Dug's scarf or hat. I only want to have 2-3 projects going at a time.


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