Tuesday, June 15, 2004

No pictures, but lots of yarn!

Can you picture failure? I took pictures last night to add to this here journal. Unfortunately the internet didn't want to work for me last night, so while the pictures are downloaded and waiting in photoshop, they aren't here. :( I'll try again tomorrow.

But the good news: Yarn! I took pictures at exactly halfway through both scarfs that I'm working on. I was so happy being halfway through them both! Yea for me!
Then the doorbell rang and it was the UPS guy!! My yarn, my yarn!!
I now have all the yarn for DBF's blanket, mom's shawl, and Dug's hat and scarf. And it is all high quality perfect wonderful yarn. I was so anxious about it because I'd never ordered yarn online and I usually choose yarn by it's texture not what it's made of. *sigh of relief* Plus I was a little nervous about the colors for DBF's blanket but they are perfect too! (I hope I have some left over for a hat or something for myself!)
Anyway, all of it's perfect and of course I took pictures; I'll put them up when I get a chance and the computer at home is working right.

More school ramblings: I was talking to my mom about school in the fall and having to work 30 hours to have insurance. And how I'd rather work 25 or so and that I don't think I'll need the money from the other 5 hours (25 hours compared to 30). She suggested I get student insurance or something like that instead of working the extra time. I can't get insurance through her since I'm not a dependent and don't want to become one again because of financial aid reasons.
So now my todo list for school includes:
Find out if work will pay for my school,
Get info no insurance,
Make a back up plan of classes in case some of them are full when I register,
Register for classes (July 12),
Figure out where the money is coming from for first payment and make budget for fall,
Buy/find school supplies.

Another lazy arse: I haven't run in about a week. I'm not really worried about it because I was fairly active with the scuba last week. But I need to do something today to get back in the swing. I think I'll take a walk and then if I decide to run while I'm out there then I will.
I want to go biking at the veloway sometime this week, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to get together with DBF to do that, maybe Saturday. Hopefully Sunday will be Schlitterbahn, which I can't really count as exercise but is certainly more energy blasting than just about anything else.
The weird thing is that I have been watching pretty closely my calories in and out on Fitday and I have a huge deficit. It says I should have lost a lb a week for the past month. But I've maybe lost 2 lbs. I need to get down to the gym at work and use their scale again since that's the one I used to go with. Maybe tomorrow I'll remember.
Oh well, as long as I'm feeling healthy and active the weight doesn't really matter, plus I can fit into my clothes, so as long as I'm not gaining, I'm fine.

Poker news: I went to the library yesterday and got a book on poker (Poker for Dummies, actually). They only had two poker books and the other one didn't even have a Hold 'Em section. So I may have to check some other libraries in town for other books or buy them (gasp!). Maybe Dug would lend me some of his.
Anyway, I really want to get a better hold on the statistics/math/percentages and such before we host another poker night. I don't care if I actually win but I want to do well, feel like I made the best decisions etc. I take my gambling very seriously. I weigh my risks etc and if I lose I don't feel bad b/c I played the odds and my guy feelings. I need to get better at that in poker though.


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