Thursday, June 10, 2004

Oh, so now it's beautiful!

Word of the Day: There isn't one. Get off my back! ;)

SCUBA doobie doo: Last night was WAY too stormy to go to the pool, so we did the rest of the classes AND took the test. I passed. 101% (I missed one friggin question and I'm pissed. Me? A perfectionist? Why do you think that??) Oh well, moving on from that disappointment...
The sky is blue and beautiful. No storms to be had which means there should be no problem getting in the pool tonight. I guess that means that we'll be doing snorkeling, water entries, clearing mask and snorkel etc, learning to use the BC, etc, etc. Tomorrow I think we will do the rescue practice stuff and get ready for our dives in the lake. I just want to get in the pool!

Running out of time?! I miss running. *sigh* Today is a gorgeous, gorgeous day to run. But alas, none for me. (Of course if I had nothing to do I would go to sleep early instead of running. Ok, actually I would go see DBF because I miss him, but still get to sleep early.)

Yarn Whore: I'm having yarn whore tendencies. I really really want to get the yarn in (of course I have no control over that right now since it's on it's way in the mail).
But that means you get to hear about all the lovely yarn I'm getting:
for mom's shawl: Handicrafter Cotton(Knitting Worsted Weight) 100% cotton, in forest swirl.
for Dug's scarf and hat: Reynolds Lopi 100% wool, bulky, made in Iceland (see here) in colors 118 (just a tiny bit on the hat, none on the scarf), 54, 116 (I think. It was called mulberry heather or something like that), and 53 (ish. I don't really know the numbers for the colors I bought, so these are just approximations).
and for DBF's blanket... (drum roll please): Plymouth Encore DK, 25% wool, 75% acrylic (yes I know, I hate acrylic, just let me finish here). Colors: red rainbow tweed and greens w/ blue. They are gorgeous colors, this is machine wash and dryable, AND affordable that's why I got this kind of yarn. If I get it and start to knit it up and HATE it believe me, it will change. Here is a much more expensive option: maybe 4043 and 5915. Anyway I'm really hoping the one I bought works out (if not it will certainly find a good use, believe me) BUT I certainly hope it works out wonderfully!
I can't wait to get home and knit even if I only have crappy acrylic projects going right now!


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