Monday, June 21, 2004

Oh yeah!

I cast on for DBF's BBB(oyfriend, not baby)B. I've done 3 rows on it and hope to do a little more.
It's not looking bad so far at all, no mistakes yet (*whew*), but I am still a little worried because the weight of the yarn is DK (sport) and I am only using 1 strand. It may not turn out as cush as I want it to be. I'm still considering ripping it all out and doubling up the yarn like it says. It will take twice as much yarn (which is fine since I bought enough) but it will be harder...
He's worth the harder work but I don't want it to take so much longer that I don't get it done in time or have lots of mistakes or something. Maybe I'll save what I have so far and cast on the right needle size with 2 strands and do a few rows and see which is better and make my decision off that. Good idea, that will be my project for tonight.


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