Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Right, so...


Knitting: I have recaston (read: I have started over) on DBF's BBBB (#1). I'm using two threads after all. It looks gorgeous so far. Of course I've only done 2 rows, but... it's coming along.
Kyoko's scarf is closing in on 3/4 of the way finished, but not quite. About 22 inches long right now.
I've decided I must do something for myself so I am making a POA (Prisoner of Azkaban)(yes, that's Harry Potter) scarf. I am even joining the knitalong. I'm going to do Ravenclaw but haven't decided if I'll do the movie colors (blue and silver) or the book colors (blue and bronze). I'm ordering my yarn tomorrow. It's going to take me forever to make this scarf, not just because of how hugely long it is but because this will be my backup project. I must get my Xmas stuff done too.

Yesterday I also managed to wind 4 balls of yarn. (That's 5 this week.) Only 22 more to go! (Not counting the yarn I order tomorrow.)

My ex...: Do you ever just think "What the hell was I thinking??" He had his wallet stolen yesterday (karma) and he was just chatting with me about how he wouldn't feel guilty at all stealing some stranger's wallet. Ugh! I'm disgusted.

Tea swap: Yum! I've tasted the guava leaves tea, a peach tea, a vanilla almond tea, and now ginger oolong tea. Yum!!

Running: I've said it before and I'll say it again: I need to get in gear. I think I'll run tonight (maybe). But whether I do or not, I will do some exercise. I've been pretty good about at least being active whether or not I run.


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