Monday, June 14, 2004

School works...

So my hopeful schedule for the fall is this:
Saturday (with DBF I hope, or not at all since I can't fit it in anywhere else) Yoga from 10a-12:30p

On Thurs, I would take Speech for Business from 6:30p-9:10p.

On Mon and Wed, I'd have Intro to Business from 9:10-10:25a, then have 3 hours off to get lunch/brunch and do distance learning art history, then have Math for Business/Economics from 1:25-2:40p, then have audit my Japanese class from 2:45-5p.

What I really like about these days are:
I would be near DBF's house and far away from mine and I'd need to leave his house the same time he needs to leave for work so I'd probably stay at his place every Sun and Tues night!
I'd have time to go to lunch with TAF and some of the other hashers like I used to.
Japanese is last so if I don't need to go (since I'm just auditing, since I've taken it before, no grade is needed, just a reminder course), I don't have to go back I can just take off at 2:40 and be done for the day!

But the problem is work. How can I fit in 30 hours? I guess I could work. 7-4:30 (which would be 9 hours) on T,Th,F. That's 27 hours. If I don't need insurance I can do that. So I'm hoping that if I go to school fulltime (which I will be doing) that my mom can add me back to her insurance. If so, 27 hours will be fine (although I'd rather do 24 or 25 if I could afford it, 8-8:30 hours instead of 9 hours a day). If not I guess I'll have to come in to work for an 1:30 M and W or 3 hours on one of those days (so 6-7:30 or 6-9). Not too bad. I could do 6-7:30 pretty easily AND get to see all my old night shift buddies twice a week. The problem is then... will my work let me be half night shift/half day shift. I think they will. *whew*

Now to see if I can get my classes. Registration starts July 12.


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