Friday, June 25, 2004


Last night I saw Harry Potter again. I went to Alamo with my mom and I bought our tickets (buy one get one free) and she bought our meals! Woohoo. I made out like a bandit!
I looked hard for a Ravenclaw scarf in the movie and may have seen a glimpse of one but it was only for a split second and I can't be sure that's what I really saw. Oh well, I like those colors the best so that's what I'm making. (Although honestly I also really like the way the Slytherin scarf looks.)

Takin' care of business This weekend I'm going to try and convince DBF that we need to get crafty and get stuff done. Here's what I want to do:
finish painting his bathroom
make his shower curtain
do a few of my shirt reconstructions
finish Kyoko's scarf

and of course on Sunday, we hash. (exercise, right??)


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