Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Today I will... and cancel tomorrow's dental appointment. I called twice before I realized that they don't open until 10:30a. Argh! and scedule SCUBA classes. I want my birthday gift! One of the places I'm considering (I've already got it down to 3 places) has it's next class starting on my birthday. That would bug the crap out of my mom who wants to have my boyf and I have dinner at her place that night (if the classes started that day I'd be too busy for that and she'd have to wait until the next day, OMG!, before we had dinner together). Anyway I'd like to get started with them because I'm superexcited about it! It looks like with books and boots and classes it's going to run about $250. Bleh! I wonder how much of that DBF is going to pay as my gift and how much I will pay. I'll feel bad if he pays more than $100 and damn that's alot anyway!! Then again this is a gift for me that will pay off for him in the future because he'll get to dive more if he can take me with him. while looking at hash route. Stupid me, signing up to hare the freakin' hash this weekend. As if DBF and I didn't have enough to do, now I'm commiting us to hare. Ok, so I have a good idea about the start and I have a definite beer check and OnIn, but we still have to buy the food and fix it, put up the shade in the back yard, scout trail and lay it. We are going to have a busy weekend!

...extras that would be nice to have out of the way: take of my nail polish (since I'm no longer a glitter monkey), do a few loads of laundry and put away my clean clothes, make some hawaiian bread and corn chowder, perhaps start on a new set of flags and/or practice poi, hmmm... maybe get some more done on the scarf.

...hopefully get to see DBF, and even more hopefully get to stay with him (or vice versa).


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