Friday, June 04, 2004


More CH: I've now also talked to Burg (who I may get to FINALLY meet when he and his chica come down to Austin this summer), roacher (what exquisite hair), ddbum, Watt, Michael, actually spoke with Jenn (instead of just getting a msg) and did I mention that I spoke to Pete earlier. I talked to him yesterday but he called me today also! :) Life is good!

Plus Pete has decided that DBF is going to ask me to marry him this weekend. I see this as very doubtful because I doubt DBF is ready for that, but when asked what I would say my reply was "yes". I realized that DBF is everything I'm looking for, and while he isn't perfect, he's perfect for me. Honestly and with quite a bit of soul searching, I can say I think that we would make a wonderful married couple. I think we would both continuously work for the kind of relationship we need/want/have and I think we would continue working on our communication skills and understanding each others needs.
What I did make clear to Petey is that I would say yes but probably want a long engagement. Maybe a year or so. You know, things change and I may just want to be with him as soon as possible but right now I'd suggest we be engaged for awhile, if nothing else just to plan the wedding, get me out of debt, and save up money to pay for the wedding and honeymoon. Also we'd have to talk about financing my school and living together and all kinds of nonromantical things. But the bottom line is I'd say yes.

Right so I'm going to kill Pete now. He's got me wishing even though I know it's not likely. *sigh* Pete, you better keep one eye open buddy.... grr!


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