Thursday, June 24, 2004

Vacations and bloodletting...

Fun stuff first: Today I have been looking into vacation possibilites. DBF and I are trying to have a good long fun diving vacation in beautiful blue waters (and I'm trying to earn my first passport stamp). Then if we have enough vacation time (and money) left over we'll meet my brother, SIL, and our friends in Vegas for a weekend or so. Hooray!

So. I've been looking today for good deals on neat places to go and I found an awesome place called Saba. It's an island in the Netherland Antilles (around puerto rico). What a freakin' cool place, with good diving, and awesome lodging! Of course it's costing an arm and a leg but looks like possibly one of the least expensive options. We are also looking at cruises.

Let the blood fall freely! Yes, so I gave blood for the first time ever, and Monday the great mystery of my blood type will be resolved (I've had doctors tell me different blood types). So... let the anticipation begin (b/c I'm sure ya'll care).
I was nervous about giving blood but it was no problem. Everyone should go donate like DBF and I. :D

Knitting report: I'm 23 out of 32 in through with Kyoko's scarf. If I'm going to have it finished by Monday I'd better get cracking. That means I'd need to do the lions share of that tonight, say get to 28 or so. 5 inches, that's about 55 rows. Well, I don't have anything better to do tonight... though I'd much rather work on DBF's blanket.

Oh yeah, DBF and I hit the goodwill near his house earlier this week and as we were browsing (I forget what he was looking for, kitchen stuff of some sort) I found a pack of (read 5 skeins) 100% alpaca yarn. It's a pretty light grey color. I hope it knits well, seems to be fingering weight so I don't know what I'll use it for but I'm certainly doing well at building my stash. Oh and for those of you wondering: total price for 5 skeins of about 110 yards $4.


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