Monday, June 21, 2004

Weekends are nice.

Friday: I called in sick to work because I was feeling so tired and crappy. Not sick just achy and like I was starting to get a cold or something. I tried to sleep and couldn't so ended up going to the mechanic and getting my car fixed. Then taking a nap for about an hour. I felt better in the afternoon and DBF and I went to see Chronicles of Riddick that night. It was... okay. I liked watching Vin Diesel and the girl in it was pretty hot too. The best part was seeing the preview for King Arthur. Keira Knightly is Guineviere which means it's going to rock.

Saturday: DBF wasn't feeling great either so we slept in, ate yummy pancakes and omelet breakfast, watch the new Harry Potter movie (yes, we go to the movies a lot), had an amazing "nap", did a lot of cell phone shopping, both got low blood sugar and a little bitchy, ate delicious chinese food, went home and fell asleep. The new Harry Potter was wonderful. I love the new director and the kids are starting to look less goofy (except for Malfoy who got uglier and wussier).

Sunday: Went to Schlitterbahn (waterpark) with DBF and mom. Still felt a bit off. Had fun aside from getting dizzy or tired/low blood sugar a couple times. The lines were so long and that was a bit annoying as DBF really doesn't like long lines and neither of us really were in shape to wait for them. But I did go on boogiebahn (like boogie boarding a continous wave) for the first time in years. DBF did very good, I stayed on for a few seconds which was cool but it's so hard! I'm suprised mom can put up with us at all because DBF and I are always kissing (usually just lots of little pecks and cuddling and such, but occasionally more when we think no one is looking); we're like a bus full of PDA that blew up. :D
After Schlitterbahn, we ate some delicious mexican food (leftovers for breakfast, woohoo!) and realized I was really burned.

Anyway, my boyfriend is the greatest. *swoon*


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