Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Well it is Texas hold 'em for a reason, you know... Last night I was supposed to nap, run, get groceries, clean my running shoes and socks, do some laundry, and knit. So, what did I do?
I started my nap but just as I was falling asleep DBF called and told me he was going to a poker tournament. I had to be there in an hour if I wanted to play. It was rush hour and raining. I made it.
I lost, but feel that I played almost perfectly. There is only one hand that I would have changed how I played even in the slightest, and honestly if I played that hand again a hundred times over I would probably play it the same about 75 of those 100 times. If I had played it differently I might have been in the game a few more hands but would have been upset with myself about how I played it later. So, what did I learn?
You can play perfectly and still lose; that's why it's gambling. What's the good news? I learned that without paying a cent. :) (And I was cheap leader for a good part of the game!) I was also playing against people who are very experienced (DBF and I were definitely in the 3 least experienced at this 8 person table, in fact 4 of the people at the table had won or placed in tournaments and also attended poker tournaments that are for real money on a weekly basis, so they really were good players. And some of those players praised my playing style. Woohoo!)

Vacation Yippee! It's closing in, we are setting dates, and picking flights! We'll either leave next week (OMG!) or the last week in July! Either way, yeehaw!!! I'm learning alot about Bermuda but there isn't nearly enough pirate info. Grr! I love pirate-lore!


At September 7, 2006 at 2:52 AM, Blogger Nobody said...

only way to play girl. If it feals like the right thing to do then do it.
Pays in the end (most times 4 me anyway lol)


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