Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Who me? I'm a walking zombie.

Word of the Day:
expatiate \ik-SPAY-shee-ayt\, verb:
1. To speak or write at some length; to be copious in argument or discussion; to enlarge.
2. To range at large, or without restraint

Ex: Everyday I expatiate with great detail about my life in order to pass the time and for my own entertainment more than anything else.

SCUBA? I thought this was a physics class? I started SCUBA last night. The class was supposed to run from 6p-10p. But it ended up going from 6:15ish to 10:30ish. I'm dead tired. The class was fairly easy, though the instructor isn't that bright since he would ask a question, get the right answer from us, then say "no it's..." then repeat the exact answer he had just been given. Argh! Anyway, once I got over the need to tell him I was in fact CORRECT, I just breezed through class. Competitive? Not me.
We did a lot of physics and such but nothing that wasn't easy to handle. I figure it's the 22 y/o guy in class who isn't figuring those out, but I'm sure his mom (who is also in the class, thank god b/c she can calm him down occasionally) will explain it to him. Now the great 14 y/o guy in class, he seems to be picking it up. So then we get to swim. Do 16 laps and tread water for 15 min. Of course both the guys have to compete about it but the 22 y/o has to act like I'm showboating. I'm sorry (no I'm not), is it my fault I'm the strongest swimmer? I think not. I was enjoying both my laps and the treading and wish we could have done more!
Anyway, I got home fine (although driving 620 in the rain at night in my car was quite scary). And am just very tired this morning and wishing I had some time to read the manual that we were given to study.

Rain, rain, go away. As much as I normally love this weather, I'm not looking forward to driving home in it, let alone all the way out to the dive shop and back tonight.

And to knitting... I have the yarn for Kyoko's and Yakimuri's scarves. (I've been working on Kyoko's for over 2 weeks now and am not even 1/3 of the way through. Never again will I choose such small needles for a scarf unless I absolutely must!) So I have started both their scarves. For Kyoko's I'm just doing a very simple all knit scarf with a ruffle at each end in a green/white variegated acrylic. For Yakimuri-san, I'm doing the ribbed-for-her-pleasure (oh, the irony) scarf from stitch n bitch, but I'm adding stripes. So I'm doing 3 rows of a variegated blue/darkblue/lightblue, then 3 rows of darkblue, then 15-20 rows (whatever looks best, we'll say 15 for now) variegated, then 3 rows darkblue, 3 rows variegated, 15 rows darkblue, 3 rows variegated, 3 rows darkblue, 15 rows variegated, etc, etc to the end which will end with 3 rows darkblue, 3 rows variegated (so it matches the beginning). So it's basically two little stripes, one big stripe color 1, two little stripes, one big stripe color 2, etc. I think it will look absolutely wonderful, even though I'm using crap acrylic yarn. (Both of their scarves are just using up my stash! Woohoo! No money spent!)

I'm about to buy the yarn for mom's, DBF's, and Dug's (that's my brother) gifts. I'll buy Machan's later. For DBF's blanket I'll need 38 balls of yarn!!! Wow! I'll never finish!
All together, everyone's gifts will cost me just under $150. (I think.) That's not bad since I'm getting really good yarn for everyone and DBF's blanket is so plush/big/good quality. I mean spending $30 on Dug, $40 on Machan, no money for her parents (except sending it to Japan costs), $25 for mom, and $60 for DBF is all pretty cheap. But I'm putting so much time into it (and thought of color schemes etc) that I think it works out. (Plus they all know I'm poor.) I'm sure I'll also pick up some other gift items for Dug, Machan, mom, and DBF but just trinkets, these are their big items from me.

I'm hoping to have Yakimuri's scarf completed (or almost done) by the time the rest of the yarn gets here (I imagine in 3-4 weeks). Hopefully I'll also be at least 1/2way through Kyoko's by then.

To Do Today.
I plan on:
reading the dive manual during lunch today.
stopping by the store for some necessities on the way home.
changing into bathingsuit/getting ready for scuba.
starting laundry (which I meant to do this morning, but slept instead).
eat some cereal for dinner.
knit or read more of the manual or both.
go to scuba class.
come home.
shower and sleep.

So for the next few hours, it's just a waiting game before I can get this stuff going. *sigh* I hate waiting.

Caloric rantings. I hate those people who say that losing weight WILL happen if your calories in are less than your calories out. Not that simple for everyone, ALRIGHT BUDDY! No, nobody's said that to me or anything lately. It's just that here I am eating less calories than I burn for over a month and I'm just back down to my low weight. (In other words, I've lost a little that I had put back on over my brother's wedding. But not as much as I should have with doing so well for a whole month.) Patience right? Sure... we'll see. At least I'm back to right around my lowest weight ever (give or take 1 lb or so).
I need to weigh in again one of these mornings but I have a feeling I'll be so tired I won't be thinking of it, so maybe next weekend.


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