Thursday, June 17, 2004

Yea for me!

Word Strong: Right, so I won the word scramble game for my group at work yesterday. Hooray me! That means we get a pizza day for our group, probably next week. Hopefully tomorrow.

Knitting mean: I finished Yukimari's scarf last night. There are 5-6 mistakes in it that I didn't fix. I don't really care. It still looks really good and you can't see the mistakes unless you are really looking. I'd say his gift is 99.9% finished (because I still have to weave in the ends). Kyoko's is still the same but today I start the mandatory 5 rows/day on it.

So now I have to figure out what to cast on today. I had planned to cast on for DBF's blanket(hereto referred to as BBBB, big bad boyfriend blanket) but am thinking that I may start on Dug's hat instead. I do want to move on from scarves for a bit but should I start a huge project or a small one. I think it will all depend on how the needles I have are acting tonight. I tried to get them ready to cast on for BBBB last night but the connector wouldn't work. (see for info on the needles I'm trying to use, this will be my first project on them.)

Running wild: So DBF and I went to the track last night. Hooray! I was feeling kind of crappy (like I was starting to get sick) yesterday afternoon and was just planning on walking while he ran but of course I should know myself better than that. I ran .75 mi and walked 1.25 (walked .50, ran .25, walked .25, ran .25, walked .25, ran .25, walked .25) for a total of 2 mi. I have no idea how long it took. My run was very slow. I just wanted to up my heart rate a little but not so much that I had to breath heavy or work hard. I wanted to be comfortable basically. So I jogged at what I would guess was a 12-12.5 min/mi pace. Not bad. I walked at probably 13-14 min/mi (I'm bad at figuring out my walking paces).
Anyway, it was a perfect day for it (or evening really).

They're worth how many words? Wow. I must have a lot of writing to do today then because I still don't have my pictures up for all to see. (I did get a avatar yesterday though.) I'll try to do it tonight or tomorrow. Stupid computer...

Fuggin' car: Yeah so I went to have the alignment done on my car yesterday and it turns out I bent part of it when I hit the curb the other day. I'm basically driving knockkneed right now. Argh! It's going to cost me $250(!!) to replace it. Not what I needed right now, but I need this car. I can hardly wait 'til January when I get a new one even though it will be a huge financial strain. Pissonya, you better be happy with getting this car back because it's had alot of work done to it while you've been gallavanting around in Germany! ::grr:: (Oh but thanks for the good timing on getting me that car... don't think I'm ungrateful.)


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