Friday, May 21, 2004

So much fun, not much done.

To bike or to be a fat arse? (cont.) So I'm sure you are all (yes, all of you) on the edge of your seat waiting anxiously to find out if I biked to work on bike-to-work day (yesterday). Well, no, because I didn't go to work yesterday. I, instead, chose to take the day off and move my stuff from one room in the house to another. How fruitful.

To be a fat arse? Are you sure?? I did however run (on Wednesday and Thursday!), which means I wasn't a total lazy bum. That also means that over the next 3 days (between now and Sunday) I need to run two more times to move on in my recovery schedule. Hooray! I could actually manage to do that. DBF has already said he'll run tonight and Sunday with me! Wonderful... wonderful... wonderful.

Poker, poker hard. Last night I played some great Texas Hold-Em. Unfortunately it wasn't for $$, just for fun. But I think for the first time in my life I was chip leader (by enough to make me feel like I could be a bully) for several hands (if not a substantial part of the game). DBF took everyone out of play though (as usual). But even then I still had more than him for awhile. At that point I was just ready for bed and it wasn't for $$ so I just went all in every hand until he had all my money.
DBF has found some tourneys for us to go into. I need to practice more before then! But I think it would be awesome to play if the buy-ins are in my price range. It would be nice if I could develop some ESP so I could read people better, that's my biggest problem, reading people. Okay it's my second biggest problem in poker, my first being not analyzing what hands people could have that are better than mine. I did that yesterday and think that is why my luck turned around so much. I must actually be learning to be a better player! Yes!!

Just knittering along. I dropped the project I was on, knitty's frill, and opted for a much easier scarf (for mother's day). I'll get back to frill sometime when I can manage it. It was just too tedious and didn't knit up fast enough for this beginner. The scarf I'm making is very very easy and relaxing but it's taking awhile because I'm using small needles. I've also decided to find some pretty rust colored yarn (hopefully something on sale) and knit up a shawl for my mom for her birthday (in August). It will give me something fun to do on my downtime (if there is any) while I'm at flipside.
For my birthday present from my mom (just a couple weeks from now!) I'm getting a set of Denise interchangeable knitting needles and Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook. Honestly I'm still a little wary of the book, but it seems like it will help me out with the finishing off of projects and making them look good even if I don't use the patterns much. Maybe it's just my obsession with not fitting in too much that keeps me from wanting it, I don't want to be a follower and do what everyone is doing (seemingly), but I've broken down and I'm getting it (but damn if I'm going to spend my own money on it). I hope my mind changes as I look it over.
I really like the Coney Island Fireworks scarf and I think the Skully sweater isn't bad if you take out the skulls, do it in a more neutral color, and taper the sleeves. There are also a few other projects that I'd be interested in also, I think.

You wanna swap? I did get my swap package from the ExLibris swap. It's all very fun stuff. A reading journal (books to be read, books I have read), a dragonfly book mark, exlibris papers to put in my books, a book cover, and I believe I'm leaving out something also. Very neat to get the package!
I may have to tell my swap mate in the random swap that I suck and won't finish her stuff on time, because I really want to make her stuff well. I don't want to be rushing it. But I only have 'til the 5th and there is still alot of sewing to do. Not a problem except my weekends are extremely busy (that's another story altogether) and my weeks are getting busier and busier (what with school appts and regular chores and running and knitting for mother's day).

Busy like a bee, just with more sting As for my busy weekends, they are very exciting! This weekend I'm not only going windsurfing for the first time ever, but hope to get to try out scuba diving a bit as well. Then there is also the curry cookoff (which I'm not cooking for, but hopefully will get to enjoy anyway). And all that is just on Saturday (because Sunday of course is a hashing day)! Next weekend is Flipside and the weekend after is my birthday weekend!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

My blog: to do and tada!

Tomorrow is "ride your bike to work" day. Am I going to ride my bike to work tomorrow? Pros v. cons.
Pros: I could use the exercise, it would be nice to "participate", my bike needs to be ridden more, my car needs to be driven less, and I'd save a few miles worth of gas. It might convince me I could do this once a week!
Cons: I'd have to get up a little earlier so I could get to work early enough to clean up, I'd have to ride home in mid day heat (90s), my knees might not be ready for a 5-6 mi trek (seeing as I am still recovering from runner's knee).
What is a girl to do?

To run or to be a lazy bastard? I can't believe what a lazy arse I've been lately. DBF (dear boyfriend) managed to get a walk out of me yesterday but I must run today. Honestly I need to run four times between now and Sunday to move on in my recovery training schedule. Will I manage that? Doubtful. It's only 30 min a day, surely I can manage that. It's not like it's hard on me either. Alright I'm just going to do it. Grr. Mark my words, I'm going to do it!

Swap me? I'm also sorely behind in my crafting... I need to finish my mom's day gift (which turned from a beach bag to a scarf due to funds and time constraints). And I have to finish, ok start, my crafts for the swap I'm in on I've got to make 2 wraps (pareos), a drawstring sunglasses holder (out of the same material as one of the pareos), a towel with cute little patches on it (this should take 2 seconds, just need to iron on the patches), a beach bag (made out of a pillowcase) and a covered notepad. *sigh* Will I ever finish? Hopefully. It has to be sent out by the 5th of June! And all this with Flipside coming up soon! (Which is a whole 'nother problem because I really wanted to make some crazy fun clothes or something for it. I guess if I can get one more wrap (pareo) made for me that I can wear my pareos all weekend, one for each day!)
And I haven't gotten my stuff from the ExLibris swap! Soon, anyday it should come!