Thursday, May 27, 2004


Update: 17 hours and counting So here I sit waiting for my DBF to get off work so we can get together and make jello shots for Flipside, pack up his SUV, and then ? I don't know what. I have no idea what I'll be doing at this time tomorrow, but I bet it will be great fun!

Major Failure reporting for duty! So I've got all the info I need to get started on Fini Aid and admissions for St Ed's. Will I get in? If so, will I be able to afford it for the Fall? I certainly believe I can get in, although there is a slight chance of being refused.
I think this FAFSA "under 24 y/o isn't considered independent" bullshit is, well, bullshit! I've owned my own fucking house, thank you very much. I've paid for my schooling up to this point while working fulltime to do so, thank you very much. I've been through alot and have been financially independent of my parents especially my father for years now! How can they be expected to pay part of it?? They won't. So, I'm exploring other options. Bleh.
I'm trying to get accepted into St Ed's Accounting Technology Information degree program (basically you get a BBA in Accounting and a BA (or BS or whatever) in Computer Information Systems at the same time. I'm minoring in art. I like art best, but the other pays bills better and affords me the kind of life I want. Why I'm getting the CIS degree I don't know. I hate computers except for playing on them. But maybe as I learn more about them, I'll understand them better, and it will certainly give me an edge in finding a good job, I hope.

45 minutes later

So I've only run once this week (and it doesn't count since I didn't run the full time) (out of 4 proposed runs). I still have until Sunday for them to count, which means I could run today, tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday and count it. Not likely. Not even a good idea! I don't want to wear myself down like that nor do I want to miss out on so much at Flipside (although I do plan on taking a run or two, packed running clothes and everything). So it looks like I'll be repeating this week again next week. Are my knees ever going to heal??
I would love to have the chance to start biking again. I would even settle for biking to and from work a couple times a week this fall instead of wild, fun, scary-as-hell mountain biking trails.
The good news is summer is on it's way and that means swimming!!! I can't wait: Barton Springs, the Guadalupe, the lake, maybe a few pools, and, hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, the Caribbean!! Whoofreakinhoo!

That of course would be after my SCUBA lessons, which I have yet to sign up for. Hopefully I can find sit down and call some people about lessons the Tuesday after Flipside. Maybe get started that next week, ASAP after my birthday.

Update: At this time tomorrow DBF and I should be being quizzed by the greeters and/or setting up our campsite!

School is cool (cont) I talked to the lady in charge of the info sesh tonight and concluded that I didn't need to go. I got the info I need from her (or she told me where to find it), so hooray! that means in 4 1/2 hours I am completely, completely free until Tuesday!!


So you know how I said I was gonna get back to work? Well we can't. Our stupid programs aren't letting us complete! So, I'm back here...

Flipside is officially open and swinging as of right now. :( I'm not there... obviously. But I'll be there at this time tomorrow. This is when we should arrive. That's right I'm 24 hours and counting from my arrival. Why am I so excited about this? I think that it's my way of getting out the nervousness. I've tried to prepare but I have a feeling nothing will prepare me for this. I can't get DBF to tell me any stories about his previous 2 Flipsides.

*humpfh* I guess I'm off to play more games and waste more time, maybe do some work or read some more blogs.

School is cool. I am supposed to attend an info session at St Ed's tonight. I just don't know what to expect from it. It's been awhile since I was in school, and even longer since I was seriously attacking a degree plan. (Okay, I don't think I've ever seriously attacked a degree plan; in fact, I know I have not.) More on that soon.


Flash: Update: At this time tomorrow, DBF and I will be nearly to Dripping Springs! (Or at least have left the house.)

I'm sorry, did you say "Get back to work!"? Was I supposed to be working today? Oh shit! Alright, well... I suppose I could do 1 or 3 curlies before my next update. *sigh*

At this time tomorrow: updates all day!

At this time tomorrow I'll be just waking up!

Flipside: 1 day and counting! I'm so excited! I finished packing yesterday and now just have to get it all down to DBF's place tonight. I also finished the second flag, so now I have a set of 2 flags. I'm so happy! DBF wasn't even amazed that I was both packed and finished with the flag (and eating dinner) when he got there. Pffft! Maybe if I'd snuck in a run also he would have felt I'd been productive enough. (Although he certainly didn't think I hadn't been productive enough, I just thought he should be impressed that I had it all done.) Anyway, before he got there, I played around with my flags. I actually figured out that if I just dance around with them and not worry so much about "moves" they work fine. I'd still like to find a little help with them at Flipside, but I'm sure that won't be a problem at all and now I at least have the confidence to play with them anyway.

Whodunit? I'm really enjoying this new game: Inspector Parker (or something like that) on MSN. I'm not great at it (ok, I'm not great at any game) but I really am enjoying it. Plus it's played in levels that you can stop between AND you can pause it, which means it works great at work!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

What's a girl to do?

A change in the wind: Today I changed my blog (yes, this here blog) from to I'm not sure why really. I still have the blog active, just in case I don't like this format. I think I like the idea of message boards and actually having some sort of interaction. Yes, that's it.

Yawn! I think I'll take a nap: Yesterday after work all I needed to do was run (30 min), make the yellow flag (maybe 1-2 hours), and eat dinner. So, what did I actually do? Well. I got out the MREs and picked flavors for Flipside. Then I took a nap from 5p to 8p. Then DBF called and told me about his holy crap day and asked me if I'd done the few things I was going to do. No, I hadn't. Now I felt bad. I'm so slack.
I managed to get up and decided that I would eat and make the flag, if nothing else. As I started to make my food, I had the realization that if I didn't go run I was going to have to tell DBF that when he asked and I would feel like I had disappointed him. Why would that disappoint him? I don't know. I just get that feeling.
So, I went for a run. I only did 15 minutes but at least I got my sleepy butt outside and moving. When I got home, mom (yes I live with my mom, SYFPH!) had just gotten home and we ended up talking through my dinner and watching Russ's movie, The Next. By the time I got showered and did the dishes it was after 10p. I tried to go to sleep but my ultralong nap earlier and the fact that I still hadn't packed (at all) and that I hadn't done the flag were annoying me, so I started gathering all the stuff from my list. Now I'm essentially packed (well, piled anyway) except for the stuff from the garage and the stuff I need to buy. Flipside here I come, right? I still haven't made the second flag.

A little yarn shopping goes a long way! So I need to find a yarn for mom's shawl. I'm thinking something rich and soft and rust colored, maybe this. What a great price too! I know I'll be checking them out in the future whether I use that yarn for this project or not.

The StitchNBitch North is meeting today. They previously had been meeting on Thursdays which meant I couldn't go this week (yeah, I haven't been to one at all, ever) because I have orientation at school. But, I could go today, except I haven't seen DBF since Monday morning and I miss him (everyone together now: awww!). So I'll probably go spend the evening with him instead of StitchingNBitching but if he and I can't get our shit together, then I'll go knit. That seems fair.

Have I mentioned I'm excited about Flipside? I'm excited in a nervous, fun, adventurous, can't wait kind of way. I think it's going to be absolutely amazing and I think I'm going to be dead tired afterward because I want to do EVERYTHING. Plus between the voyeur and the exhibitionist in me, I'm gonna be plenty busy. ;) I wish we were going out there tomorrow, what lame asses that makes DBF and I. *sigh* I hope I can at least practice up on the flags or poi with the guidance of sweet DBF to help me on Thursday. I have no idea what to do with those flags, not nearly as easy as poi. (Which makes me suspiciously worried I made the flag wrong.) I played with the blue one yesterday and I just couldn't figure out many things to do with it that didn't tangle it up in itself. I guess it just takes practice, at least I can dance around and look pretty! I'm good at that!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Impatients are my favorite flowers...

Mark my words: Run. (cont.) Did I say I would run four times last week? Yes. Did I run four times last week? Yes (if you count the hash, which I am because I ran the requisite 8 min). That means that this week I'm moving on to 1:30 min runs and 2 min walks. Yeah! Movin' on up! (Ok, you caught me. I'm not that excited about 1:30 min runs. Last year at this time I was easily running over an hour. Of course I was trucking along at a 14-15 min/mi pace and now my runs are 10 min/mi or less on average. It's still discouraging!)

Gifts, gifts everywhere! Unfortunately none of them are for me. Mom's day gifts changed from a knitted scarf (which had been changed from a beach bag) to a picture frame, 2 candles, and a porcelain box. She loved them! I shouldn't put so much work into it next time. (Of course next time is only 3 months away because her birthday is in August.) I'm hoping to work on a shawl for her. It should knit up easily enough and quickly enough. Good.
The scarf I am making is now going to probably become a Xmas gift for either my sister in law or her mother. I think it would look beautiful on her mother, so I'll probably give it to her.
In other "gift" news, I had to drop out of my random craft swap in order to have time and money to do all this other stuff I have going on. I feel bad but am hoping that they can just edge me out (whoever should have sent to me, can send to the person I was sending to) because I'd feel really crappy getting a gift without giving one!

FIRE! FIRE! Oh, cool! As I discuss what to bring to Flipside with DBF (I love their tagline, "Where TX comes to burn!), I'm beginning to hope we will be very near our car (or at least drop all of it off and pick it up). We are bringing a lot of shit! Tent, sleeping bags, all the normal stuff, PLUS all his burn stuff, my flags and poi, my run stuff, 2 EZ-ups, 3 coolers, etc, etc, etc. But no matter, it's going to rock! I'm just much more accustomed to primative camping than car camping. I'm very excited. Do you hear me?? I'm very excited!!
I made my first flag yesterday. (Yes only one so far.) I finished it at 3am! It didn't really take long to make I just couldn't sleep, so I went ahead and made it. I bought the fabric (ripstop nylon) and weighted tape (and monofiliment) at Hancock Fabrics. I got it all [enough for 8 small flags or 6 flags {4 small, 2 huge)] for $20. Hell yeah! I got bright friggin' yellow and blue. I made a small blue flag (about 21 x 30??) yesterday and plan to make a small yellow one today. I also want to try making 2 that are blue AND yellow. If I have time tonight, I'll try those.

Monday, May 24, 2004

This weekend in one word: Adventurous

Saturday: the adventure begins.

First stop: Windsurfing. The Austin Windsurf Club has a yearly "Learn to windsurf" day. DBF and I signed up and went. (He'd done this once before about 10 years ago, I was a windsurfing virgin.) We started with a 45 min-1hr lesson and simulator, and then (yikes!) were on our own. We did have some very nice helpers running about in kayaks giving advice and help when needed. The first time I stepped up on the board I actually got in a little bit of a ride before falling off. But the quick summary for the windsurfing: I had 3 rides across the cove and ended up kayaking back each time. I probably got up on the board a gazillion (or at least 45) times to manage those 3 runs but it was worth it! I have huge bruises all down my shins from getting up on the boards over and over. (I also really enjoyed the kayaking!)

Break for picnic with DBF

Second stop: SCUBA Diving. After a quick review of earlier lessons to make sure I knew my stuff, DBF took me out to the water to try this scuba stuff. (He used to be an instructor and I've recently decided I want lessons so that we can have another fun thing to do together. He wanted to be sure I knew what I was getting into before money was involved. So he took me out; what a sweetheart!) It was scary (b/c the bottom of the lake is murky and foreign to me) but it was also exciting and a lot of fun. My favorite part is when this adorable little perch kept trying to nibble DBF's ears! It was so cute (although it annoyed the hell out of DBF.)
Anyway I had a great time and can't wait to take the classes! I know I'll be scared of all the cutie little fishes, but I think I'll also be in awe of the wonderful things to see. Hopefully it will even out!

Finally: Curry Cookoff! Yes, this was an adventure. There was African curry, Thai curry, Indian curry, even Texas curry! Cheese curry (paneer), wheat germ (satan) curry, and tofu curry. There was pork curry, chicken curry, lamb curry, and beef curry. And NAAN, yes there was naan. And that made all the difference. Social Retard's entry number one was a chicken (lemony) curry. Very nice. Chlamydia's entry #2 was cashew chicken yellow curry. Yum! I love those cashews. So far not too spicy, I'm doing well. #3 is Father Syph's entry: I have no idea what it was... we'll call it the Pot of 1000 Deaths. I took a bite (and mind you I'm only tasting these curries, not taking much, just one or two bites) of Father's curry and couldn't taste anything. In fact, my lips were on fire and that was the only thing I was concerned with at the time. What? I have food in my mouth? Really? I hadn't noticed because I'm too busy looking for a fire extinguisher! I skipped the Body's (#4) entry because it was hot and sour PORK (ew). Entry 5 was Fluffer's. It was New Mexican Green Chile Tofu Curry. I took a bite and thought "Wow, how incredibly flavorfu... ow! ow! It hurts, it hurts!!" Again, I searched for the ever elusive fire extinguisher. (The naan, tea, and water were sorry excuses!) Entry 5 (Crotch Rot)'s wheat germ infused curry was interesting but wasn't best directly after Fluffer's spicy curry. In other words, I have no idea what this tasted like, just that the wheat germ stuff was kind of a funny texture. Next up was entry numero 6: Keeper of the Beams Texan Chili curry. All I can say is: oh yum! This was so good. Onions and beef and chili-esque flavor all in a delicious curry. Totally great! Entry 7: She Mussel Bitch's chicken curry with a side of cheese curry. Wow. The cheese was awesome! Great job. The chicken was good but I think I was still thinking about that chili! DBF dug the SMB's chicken curry a lot! Entry 8: Unzip Me's african coconut milk and corn curry. Wow! This should have been in between some of those hot ones! Great to cut the oils wonderfully and was a very unique flavor. (He also served up some candied coconut bananas. Entry 9, the final entry: Squeef's lamb and spinach curry. It was acceptable but quite uninteresting and I couldn't find any lamb whatsoever. It did have a kick at the end which was mean to me but not so to many others.
It was a great cookoff and I think I might help DBF out with some cooking for next year's. (Obviously we didn't have time for this year's.) Congratulations to all the winners!

Sunday: much less adventure, much more sleep.
Sunday was a slower day. Dim Sum, farmer's market, fabric store, shaved ice shack, friend's house (to watch an award winning short that he and his brotehr wrote, directed, etc), and then the hash. What a life!