Thursday, June 17, 2004

Told in a Garden

Wow! Check out the pretty needlepoint. Look under free christmas patterns for some really cool angels!

Interesting article. (Knitting)

Colors and Chakras

Yea for me!

Word Strong: Right, so I won the word scramble game for my group at work yesterday. Hooray me! That means we get a pizza day for our group, probably next week. Hopefully tomorrow.

Knitting mean: I finished Yukimari's scarf last night. There are 5-6 mistakes in it that I didn't fix. I don't really care. It still looks really good and you can't see the mistakes unless you are really looking. I'd say his gift is 99.9% finished (because I still have to weave in the ends). Kyoko's is still the same but today I start the mandatory 5 rows/day on it.

So now I have to figure out what to cast on today. I had planned to cast on for DBF's blanket(hereto referred to as BBBB, big bad boyfriend blanket) but am thinking that I may start on Dug's hat instead. I do want to move on from scarves for a bit but should I start a huge project or a small one. I think it will all depend on how the needles I have are acting tonight. I tried to get them ready to cast on for BBBB last night but the connector wouldn't work. (see for info on the needles I'm trying to use, this will be my first project on them.)

Running wild: So DBF and I went to the track last night. Hooray! I was feeling kind of crappy (like I was starting to get sick) yesterday afternoon and was just planning on walking while he ran but of course I should know myself better than that. I ran .75 mi and walked 1.25 (walked .50, ran .25, walked .25, ran .25, walked .25, ran .25, walked .25) for a total of 2 mi. I have no idea how long it took. My run was very slow. I just wanted to up my heart rate a little but not so much that I had to breath heavy or work hard. I wanted to be comfortable basically. So I jogged at what I would guess was a 12-12.5 min/mi pace. Not bad. I walked at probably 13-14 min/mi (I'm bad at figuring out my walking paces).
Anyway, it was a perfect day for it (or evening really).

They're worth how many words? Wow. I must have a lot of writing to do today then because I still don't have my pictures up for all to see. (I did get a avatar yesterday though.) I'll try to do it tonight or tomorrow. Stupid computer...

Fuggin' car: Yeah so I went to have the alignment done on my car yesterday and it turns out I bent part of it when I hit the curb the other day. I'm basically driving knockkneed right now. Argh! It's going to cost me $250(!!) to replace it. Not what I needed right now, but I need this car. I can hardly wait 'til January when I get a new one even though it will be a huge financial strain. Pissonya, you better be happy with getting this car back because it's had alot of work done to it while you've been gallavanting around in Germany! ::grr:: (Oh but thanks for the good timing on getting me that car... don't think I'm ungrateful.)

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Project's Progress

Yukimari's scarf: This is 90% finished! I should be able to finish it up tonight (hopefully while my car is getting fixed). I have one big stripe and two small stripes left for a total of 22 rows to completion! (I may find that it's too small and do another big stripe and 2 more small stripes once it's to the "completed" stage, but I hope I don't have to do that. I will finish it by the end of the week either way.)

Kyoko's scarf: It's a little more than 50% through. Maybe 55%? I'm hoping to have this one done by the end of the month. I plan to do at least 5 rows every day until it's finished.

next in line:
As soon as I finish Yukimari's scarf I'm going to cast on for DBF's blanket.
As soon as I finish Kyoko's scarf, I'll cast on for my brother's scarf.


I vant to take your blood! So I signed up for the blood drive at my office next week and now I'm very anxious about it. I've never had my blood taken (except for tests and I've had that done literally 100s of times). I'm scared. I have tried to have my blood taken twice before but once I was on antibiotics and once I was found to be anemic. So, hopefully all will go well with this so that I can give blood AND I won't pass out. Hopefully.

No pressure... My boss came around earlier asking for a volunteer to represent our group by playing a word scramble game at our monthly meeting today. I told him I would do it if he couldn't find anyone else but to please try to find someone else. Basically I volunteered to help him out if all else failed. Well, guess what? All else failed.
I can feel the adrenaline kicking in my veins and there are still easily 3 more hours before the contest starts. I don't think people realize how seriously I take this. It's not really that I care about winning but I hate to not do well at things. I have this odd need to always be the best. The weirdest part about that need is that I can't figure out what fostered it in me, especially since I can be the slacker of slackers most of the time (until competition is added, even if it's just a competition with myself).
You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize that when I was little I used to enjoy games/challenges for a whole different reason. I guess you could say I liked them for themselves. Now I like them for the feeling of doing my best and sometimes even the feeling of winning. But I dont' really love the activity so much as the rush it brings. I need to work on that. For months I've been working on this with my running. Every time I run I always feel an adrenaline kick ("just get to that line" "almost through", stuff like that feels like I should really step it up and push myself but I get this horrible nauseous feeling from it. Ick! It's horrible. I want to go back to running just because I love how I feel when I run. Because of the wind and the closeness of the earth, and the way energies move around me and comingle with me, and how everything shines when I run. I want to focus on that again. Yes... I will.

What a good day!

Exercise? Who, me? Well I did a 15 min walk but at a fair pace. I don't know if that can be counted as exercise but at least I wasn't laying on my butt, you know? I might actually get out for my needed run/walk tonight if mom is around and wants to go. We both need to get out more often.

Knitter Natter: I had a great time at the Stich N Bitch! I showed up about 7:20p not really expecting to see anyone yet because it wasn't time, but when I got there they already had 3 tables pulled together! We ended up taking up a full 7 tables!! It was so fun. We just sat around talked about: girly latch rugs, our projects, our work, our boyf/fiances/husbands, tatoos and piercings, how long we'd been knitting, knitting books and projects, and so much more. I'll definitely be going back!

I *heart* DBF: *sigh* Love is so wonderful. Every day I think to myself, "Self, there is just no way I could love him more, all my love is used up, I'm maxed out. I love him with all my being and there is no more to give." Then I see him again and Bam! more love. It's just there. *sigh* I hope this feeling lasts forever. Remember a commitment isn't a one time thing; it's a choice you make over and over again. I love choosing DBF every moment and hope to choose him for the rest of my life (and of course hope he chooses me the rest of his life too).
Yeah, life is good.
My heart just flips when he tells me he's proud of me. He told me last night; I was telling him about school plans and he said, "I'm really proud of you for going back, honey." And he said it with such sincerity and depth that I was taken back. I mean, I knew he was proud of me, but... the words just made it so sweet.
There were about 3 more of those types of moments in the 2 hours we talked/saw each other last night.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

It's about damn time!

StitchNBitch: It's tonight and I'm going. I am. I'm going to run or walk first, pick up my stuff from the dive school, knit n bitch, and then see DBF (maybe go on a walk too).
I'm pretty excited about going but a little nervous because what I'm working on is with crap yarn and is so simplistic. I'll probably just bring Yukimari's ribbed scarf to work on b/c I really want to finish it this week. I figure two hours of work will get me 75-85% done. Then one more day of work on it and I'll be done. I want to finish that scarf before I start DBF's blanket. Then when I finish Kyoko's scarf I'll start Dug's scarf or hat. I only want to have 2-3 projects going at a time.

No pictures, but lots of yarn!

Can you picture failure? I took pictures last night to add to this here journal. Unfortunately the internet didn't want to work for me last night, so while the pictures are downloaded and waiting in photoshop, they aren't here. :( I'll try again tomorrow.

But the good news: Yarn! I took pictures at exactly halfway through both scarfs that I'm working on. I was so happy being halfway through them both! Yea for me!
Then the doorbell rang and it was the UPS guy!! My yarn, my yarn!!
I now have all the yarn for DBF's blanket, mom's shawl, and Dug's hat and scarf. And it is all high quality perfect wonderful yarn. I was so anxious about it because I'd never ordered yarn online and I usually choose yarn by it's texture not what it's made of. *sigh of relief* Plus I was a little nervous about the colors for DBF's blanket but they are perfect too! (I hope I have some left over for a hat or something for myself!)
Anyway, all of it's perfect and of course I took pictures; I'll put them up when I get a chance and the computer at home is working right.

More school ramblings: I was talking to my mom about school in the fall and having to work 30 hours to have insurance. And how I'd rather work 25 or so and that I don't think I'll need the money from the other 5 hours (25 hours compared to 30). She suggested I get student insurance or something like that instead of working the extra time. I can't get insurance through her since I'm not a dependent and don't want to become one again because of financial aid reasons.
So now my todo list for school includes:
Find out if work will pay for my school,
Get info no insurance,
Make a back up plan of classes in case some of them are full when I register,
Register for classes (July 12),
Figure out where the money is coming from for first payment and make budget for fall,
Buy/find school supplies.

Another lazy arse: I haven't run in about a week. I'm not really worried about it because I was fairly active with the scuba last week. But I need to do something today to get back in the swing. I think I'll take a walk and then if I decide to run while I'm out there then I will.
I want to go biking at the veloway sometime this week, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to get together with DBF to do that, maybe Saturday. Hopefully Sunday will be Schlitterbahn, which I can't really count as exercise but is certainly more energy blasting than just about anything else.
The weird thing is that I have been watching pretty closely my calories in and out on Fitday and I have a huge deficit. It says I should have lost a lb a week for the past month. But I've maybe lost 2 lbs. I need to get down to the gym at work and use their scale again since that's the one I used to go with. Maybe tomorrow I'll remember.
Oh well, as long as I'm feeling healthy and active the weight doesn't really matter, plus I can fit into my clothes, so as long as I'm not gaining, I'm fine.

Poker news: I went to the library yesterday and got a book on poker (Poker for Dummies, actually). They only had two poker books and the other one didn't even have a Hold 'Em section. So I may have to check some other libraries in town for other books or buy them (gasp!). Maybe Dug would lend me some of his.
Anyway, I really want to get a better hold on the statistics/math/percentages and such before we host another poker night. I don't care if I actually win but I want to do well, feel like I made the best decisions etc. I take my gambling very seriously. I weigh my risks etc and if I lose I don't feel bad b/c I played the odds and my guy feelings. I need to get better at that in poker though.

Monday, June 14, 2004

School works...

So my hopeful schedule for the fall is this:
Saturday (with DBF I hope, or not at all since I can't fit it in anywhere else) Yoga from 10a-12:30p

On Thurs, I would take Speech for Business from 6:30p-9:10p.

On Mon and Wed, I'd have Intro to Business from 9:10-10:25a, then have 3 hours off to get lunch/brunch and do distance learning art history, then have Math for Business/Economics from 1:25-2:40p, then have audit my Japanese class from 2:45-5p.

What I really like about these days are:
I would be near DBF's house and far away from mine and I'd need to leave his house the same time he needs to leave for work so I'd probably stay at his place every Sun and Tues night!
I'd have time to go to lunch with TAF and some of the other hashers like I used to.
Japanese is last so if I don't need to go (since I'm just auditing, since I've taken it before, no grade is needed, just a reminder course), I don't have to go back I can just take off at 2:40 and be done for the day!

But the problem is work. How can I fit in 30 hours? I guess I could work. 7-4:30 (which would be 9 hours) on T,Th,F. That's 27 hours. If I don't need insurance I can do that. So I'm hoping that if I go to school fulltime (which I will be doing) that my mom can add me back to her insurance. If so, 27 hours will be fine (although I'd rather do 24 or 25 if I could afford it, 8-8:30 hours instead of 9 hours a day). If not I guess I'll have to come in to work for an 1:30 M and W or 3 hours on one of those days (so 6-7:30 or 6-9). Not too bad. I could do 6-7:30 pretty easily AND get to see all my old night shift buddies twice a week. The problem is then... will my work let me be half night shift/half day shift. I think they will. *whew*

Now to see if I can get my classes. Registration starts July 12.

Another weekend down, another week to go

Friday When we last left our harriette, I mean, heroine (that's me by the way, not our stash of drugs), I was pouting about not getting to go to poker night. Well turns out, scuba class went fast and I was out of there around 8:30p. In other words, I caught about half of poker night. I didn't have cash on me though (plus buy in was $2, why show them what I got for a total of $10? $5 a piece and I would have been in. Me? Gambling problem? Uh, no?) so I just played a couple rounds (borrowed enough for a big blind from DBF and then won and played with that). But since I lost on the very next hand, I ended up being dealer most of the night or just sitting there being eye candy for DBF. :)
Saturday Took scuba to the lake. Wow! It was awesome. My ears acted up a little but as long as I descended very slowly, I was fine. I'm a little worried that DBF is going to get annoyed with how slow I have to descend if we are somewhere neat. He's going to want to get to our deepest depth ASAP so he can see all there is to see for as long as possible. Hopefully he'll just take the slow descent as an easy going look around as we go down. I got to feed the catfish and perch vienna sausages and really had a good time.
Then I watch Celebrity Poker (a couple hours worth) while DBF made tomato sauce to be canned from the stuff he bought at the farmer's market that morning. Woohoo! Hooray for men who know their way around in a kitchen!
Sunday I opted not to hash this week. But DBF went since we will be missing next week's hash also (Schlitterbahn trip!!). I knew it would be a crap hash b/c the hares all wanted a really long really hard trail. DBF was going to call after it was over and come up to my place and play games with mom and I before we went to bed. But he called at almost 9p and said he just got home and his cell phone and pager were broken from spending so much time in the water and that they had been ON trail for over 3 hours. Man, can you say "I told you so", I can and I did. ;)
While he was sweating on the worst trail of the year, I managed to watch both of the Harry Potter movies (since I know that we'll go see the 3rd eventually and my mom owns the first two) and get about 3 hours of knitting done as well as all my laundry cleaned and put away and my room and bathroom straigtened up. Oh yeah, and I cooked dinner and did the dishes. A very productive afternoon/evening for me!
I am now officially halfway through Yukimari-san's scarf (unless I find out that it's too short and need to do more) and am about 40% finished with Kyoko's scarf. I'm really excited and am going to try to post pics if I have time tonight (and can find the camera).